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How to succeed in the 21st century has only 3 key steps. Autonomy Mastery and Purpose.

Daniel Pink, author of Drive, spoke at TED in 2009 and presented his case for why 20th century actions and rewards fair so poorly in 2011. Our world has changed so much in slightly over 10 years that our normal behavior is leading us to possible extinction.

There is a very simple solution. Firstly, regain your AUTONOMY. The global Occupy Movement is beginning to satisfy this act as individuals worldwide are speaking up and matching their words to actions.

Secondly, Express your MASTERY. To any Boomer on this globe I ask that you give your undistracted attention to this. If you are 55+ you are a Master at something. Find it. Declare it (Autonomy).

Thirdly, take every living breath that you possess and be the PURPOSE. Let every action you take, and thought you think be the full expression of your purpose in life. Whew! if that doesn’t scare you, read this all over again.

I would love to read your comments and hear what stage you are at. Me? I’m integrating all 3 at once and juggling my life, dropping the ball, picking it up again and continuing to correct. How about you? Read the rest of this entry »