Are you ready to experience Awakening in Paris this summer?

Enlightenment in Paris

Enlightenment in Paris

Imagine a spiritual retreat in the heart of Paris?

Engage in a 3- or 5-day Mind Clearing intensive and delve deeply into your Truth by day, then enjoy the the bounty of Paris at night.

Take a guided tour of the Louvre

Discover the world UNESCO heritage site Palace of Versailles

Explore the wonderful Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral

Visit the cathedral at Chartres and walk the labyrinth.

If this stirs your heart and lifts your soul take action and Skype me now!

Deepen Your Life


Awaken your natural voice through Singing in The Wild with

Anthony Johnston

RENEW your journey into a deeper self.

You CAN bring about great changes in this world.

Come journey with others who go on to make a difference in the world.

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